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English Home Language and English First Additional Language. Past Papers and memos for a wide range of grades. Higher grade English, IEB syllabus as well as English Literacy and Language papers.

It is useful for Grade 8, Grade 9 Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 and Advanced programme English Learning website. This site is full of guidelines, tutorials and past papers right at your fingertips. English Poetry, Language, Creative Writing, Comprehension and many more sections are discussed on this website. Set for the South African Syllabus. This website not only offers helpful guidelines but past papers and memorandums as well.

This website is designed for those who are excelling at English as well as the student that may struggle to grasp some basic concepts. Forgot some Collective nouns? Poetry Turning out to be a problem to interpret? Looking for tough concepts to be easily explained? Look no further!

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English 101: Home Language & First Additional Language Past Papers & Memorandums. 

The content available on this website is free of charge. Many posts contain a list of past papers with their respective memos made easy for students that are striving to do their very best in Grade 12. Please note: These question papers and their respective memorandums are free for public use. In no way are the provided papers for sales or distribution for coursework. English 101 will also not partake in requested student essays or assist others in doing student work for remuneration. Our website strives to make complex information, simple to understand for the general public.

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How to use Punctuation?

Imagine if you had a very long sentence longer than any other sentence speaking of different people place things and ideas that had absolutely no symbols to indicate where to slow down pause or...


What is a Pronoun?

The pronoun performs a similar function to the noun. If you have studied our article – What is a Noun? – you would have learned that a noun is a naming word telling us...

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What is an Adverb?

So far in your quest to better understand the different forms of speech in the English language, you will have learned about Verbs. As brought out in the article – What Is a Verb?...


What is a Verb?

Much of the reason why humans utilize the skill of communicating is to express the desired action. We speak to our friends, family and colleagues about things we are doing and are yet to...

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What is a Noun?

In the English language, there are more nouns than any other type of word. It goes without saying then, that we should all know how to properly identify a noun. This article will help...

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What is an Adjective?

As you begin to learn more about the English language you will come across words that are used to describe certain things – these are called adjectives. What are adjectives? How are they used?...